Here is what some of our long term clients are saying,

Healing Hands has come to our workplace for over 8 years…. helping us to retain our valued employees as well as our staff to relieve the day to day stress that builds up from everyday living…. Highly recommended as a way to show appreciation to our staff.

Kevin Wong
Immuno Precise Antibodies


Shoulder neck strain is an unwelcome companion to our staff who spend much time at a desk. Massage service provided by Healing Hands over the years have been both beneficial and valuable to our personal…. providing an opportunity for us to demonstrates our appreciation for their contribution to our firm.

Mary A. M. Brunton
Director at Reed Pope Law Corporation



ImmunoPrecise Antibodies employees have received bimonthly massages from Healing Hands for more than 3 years. I think that it would be safe to say that everyone looks forward to Andrea’s visits. Healing Hands has worked with multiple clients throughout the Vancouver Island Technology Park for an even greater amount of time. Healing Hands has a presence in the community participating in the ViaTech wellness fair, the HP Annual Charity Golf Classic as well as various other charitable events.

Cheryl-Lynn Hebert
Administrative Officer
ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd